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    August 31, 2021


    Sorry for the delays, folks. Waiting on final cover art for the Shithouse Opera to be released. In the meantime, Brian is busy working on mixes for the first of 2 new albums. It's slow going because each song is chock full of sound and he only has a few hours a week to work on it. 




    October 30, 2020


    Happy Halloween. All 3 volumes of our unreleased archival release are now avaialbe both on bandcamp and various streaming sites.


    Volume 3 collects all of the oddities and most experimental tracks. 


    Volume 2 focuses more on the period around Fifteen to Tango and the Moustachio suite era


    Volume 1 mostly focuses on the last batch of songs we recorded in 2008


    Sometime in the 6 months, I'm hoping, we'll release the full Shithouse Opera. It's all ready to go. 


    We're also making progress on two new concept albums. No telling when they'll be ready though. 


    September 1, 2020


    Rooftops, Rifles, and Honey Volume 1: Rootops, will be released on September 4. You can stream it here or get it on bandcamp. This compilation, in 3 parts, collects unreleased tracks and singles from 2004 - 2008.


    In other news, 3 new eps are in the works. The first two are almost all tracked, but mixing has started. The third has just begun tracking. 



    March 15, 2020


    New videos are being posted on youtube. These are for songs for the upcoming release "Rooftops, Rifles, and Honey" - a compliation of unreleased and non-album tracks spanning 2002 - 2008. you can also find them on our instagram feed, but it appears they don't show up here because I have to load them to IGTV.


    December 29, 2019


    Waiting for artwork. We had hoped to have some old unreleased stuff out in 2019, but delays occur. 2020 will see the release of the full Shithouse Opera and a compliation of mostly unreleased material. Stay tuned.



    January 13, 2019


    American Watercolor Movement is now streaming on most streaming services. We're digging through the archives to find everything, so keep checking back to see what we dig up.



    November 6, 2016


    If you couldn't make it to our 11/05/16 show at WFMU's Monty Hall in Jersey City, you can watch it on Vimeo. Big thanks to Scott Williams for engineering the show.